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Win10 shuts down by itself

Win10 shuts down by itself

What is the problem with Windows 10 computer itself opening and shutting down?

Has anyone ever caused the computer shutdown often. Some are active Then the computer shuts down by itself Or may be caused by a Windows 10 file corruption problem, sometimes not opening again, but believe it. These problems are considered small. If friends are lying in the room and the computer is closed. But in the middle of the night, the machine turns on by itself! Let's see how to solve problems together with the main causes. Of the machine turning off and turning on by itself

The main reason is the computer shutdown itself.

1. Heat

Caused by a high heat accumulation in the machine until the CPU in the machine is hot until the CPU cut off the power circuit to prevent overheating. Normally, CPU will cut at 90 degrees or more.

2. The Windows system has a problem.

Windows 10 file corruption problems often result when we open any program Who wants to use a part of the Windows system that is damaged, has a blue screen or may be shut down at all The solution is to repair Windows again.

3. Not enough electricity

Caused by choosing a power supply that is not suitable for PC specifications, resulting in heavy use resulting in pulling power from the power supply.

For the notebook, it is caused by the internal battery deterioration when moving the charging cable causing the power to come off, so immediately shut down.

4. Virus

This problem is mostly a type of virus. Shutdown machine without knowing it. The solution is to use a good antivirus program. With regular updates


For the computer itself

Do not misunderstand that it is a mystery. Or who teased Make the computer open by itself In most cases, caused by sparking the plug of the power supply. If the plug does not have enough standards or is deteriorated The spark may cause the computer of friends to turn on by themselves. Or maybe the settings in the BIOS, when the power goes into the machine Let the computer turn on automatically, and of course, the power supply deteriorates, too.


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