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2 main methods to fix Chrome usage from consuming a lot of RAM.

2 main methods to fix Chrome usage from consuming a lot of RAM.


2 main methods to fix Chrome usage from consuming a lot of RAM.

The more Chrome opens, the more RAM is consumed. And how to solve the problem?

 Although the Google Chrome web browser program is quite popular. And many users cite it as the best browser at this time. But it is also a program that consumes a lot of RAM as well If anyone has opened the Task Manager to see that Chrome's Process shows up and consumes a lot of RAM, many people are wondering why Chrome consumes so much RAM.

What does Chrome have to use to store lots of RAM?

The modern web browser has more functions than many people think. Because most people who use computers tend to use the internet too And the program that will be used the most will probably not escape the web browser Which aside from using to open the website Can also be used to watch movies, listen to music or play games on the web too While also having various extension programs that make it use more RAM One thing that Chrome is different from other browsers is that it will separate the processes of each tab, each plugin and each extension into separate processes, resulting in problems such as Flash, which won't cause the program to close or restart. The whole program helps to continue to use smoothly. Although Chrome is a program that consumes quite a lot of RAM But that is for smooth operation. Allowing users to be able to use immediately more conveniently And that is considered worthwhile

It is good to use a lot of RAM.

          Having a lot of RAM left without being used to do anything at all Considered a waste of RAM, which Chrome uses a lot of RAM is a temporary backup. Allowing the program to work faster And if those information is not used It will be deleted to use the space in RAM to use other things instead. As long as the amount of Chrome's RAM is used up more than the RAM that the computer has Or no other program that requires more RAM And does not cause the device to experience sluggishness or slow loading Should not have to worry about it But will only have problems when it makes the device sluggish Which must find a way to solve the problem again

If using too much RAM until the device is slow, how to fix?

If Chrome uses too much RAM There are 2 ways to solve the problem:

  1. Causes Chrome to use less RAM for that method First, open the Chrome Task Manager, which will show how much RAM and each extension extension are using. Then choose to close the process that consumes more gram than necessary or delete the extension that is not being used
  2. Bought more RAM The latter method can be easier than if it was a Desktop computer and would have to have money, but if using a Laptop or not having money Probably the only way left is to make Chrome use less RAM

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