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It is undeniable that computers are very important in human development to further enhance business. Would it be better if you can invest in 1 machine and let 20 other machines run on it?

Buying computers to use in organization activities is always unending. Most of the time the company needs to buy spare and reserve machines for each of the employees. This results in high investment cost because not only they need to buy the machines, but they also need to purchase software licenses needed for the machines to function. Will it be better if we have a solution for this?

Not only the investment that is the issue.!!!!

  • There are many more problems on the line.
  • Installation time
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Electricity
  • Aftermarket service
  • Working space and many more

Normally, a working PC uses only 5-10% of its CPU on average. SMART NETCOM enables the machine to utilize the CPU at the highest performance with “Desktop Virtualization”It displays desktops to 20 other machines individually. It is able to control all of the screens from the administrator machine.

Apart from CPU usage, SMART NETCOM offers...

  • cost reduction
  • easy software installation
  • stable Microsoft operating system
  • virus-free environment
  • administrative controls for upgrade and monitoring
  • onsite aftermarket service with free service and parts fees (New unit replacement!)
  • 3 years warranty
  • space-saving
  • global warming reduction and many more.

We believe that we are one more option in your mind...!!!

Organizations, schools and companies need to invest in a lot of computers and it comes with many more problems such as taking a long time to install, controls and monitoring, presentation using low-quality monitors or projectors. We have the solution for you!!! With “Multipoint Dashboard” uniquely designed for SMART NETCOM, you can control every machine from the admin PC so you can monitor, view and present efficiently and fast.

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