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4 Problems ... Computer room in school

4 Problems ... Computer room in school


                    The advancement in computer technology is fast and popular in all departments. Including educational departments to be used to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning to Students - Students have knowledge and understanding through computers. But there are various obstacles Occur a lot as well, let's look at 4 major problems

1. Problems with the device (Hardware)
The problem that most schools encounter is the insufficient number of computers for use. Older computer Lack of work efficiency Bad computer-related equipment And computer networks have work limitations The school should study the quality And details of the computer before making a purchase decision So the school can use the computer at full capacity Not requiring frequent maintenance Objective And maximize benefits for users

2. Problems with the program (Software)
Most educational institutions lack knowledge in using software. They lack instruction manuals. Lacking a useful database Or the program is not suitable for teaching and learning Causing teaching to be ineffective Therefore, the program should be conducive to teachers. Able to control the operation Easily accessible to learners Convenient to use Enabling teachers to use as intended And most importantly, the program should be modern at all times so that teaching and learning is consistent with today's world.

3. Personnel issues
It's not just computer teachers who can use computers. Most teachers should have additional computer skills. In order to create new teaching and learning media Stimulate learning Therefore, there should be promotion or development of personnel in the school to have knowledge, expertise and able to use computers. Can repair the computer By having a knowledgeable teacher help transfer it to Or to write a statement of instructions that will help maintain basic computer maintenance for users

4. Problems related to utilization
Language problems, low quality information The student is not interested. Therefore making use of computer utilization not as good as it should be Therefore, teaching computer in the school. Should study and develop the model Teaching methods or teaching techniques using computer To have many, many, new and interesting, it can be a motivation for the students to be interested in fully using the computer as well
Lastly, the school can use all 4 problems to be used as information in making a decision to buy a computer to use for the school. To exceed the value Save budget And meet the needs of users in most schools

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