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Delete junk on the computer.

Delete junk on the computer.

2 easy ways to delete junk files on your computer.

1. Easily clean all Cache Files via Disk Cleanup.

It can be said that the system is very convenient for Windows since the early versions (the era of Windows XP is still there) that will help clean up almost all of your Cache Files in one button. To do this, simply go to the My Computer page and right-click on Windows (C :) or the drive on your Windows drive. Select Properties, and select Disk Cleanup on the button next to the status graph. Of HDD

Then wait for a while for the system to check the information When finished, the system will display the cached files of the system, whether it is Error Logs files or System files that have problems, including temporary files. This is one of the big problems that makes our hard drive full. Let us click to select what we want to clear it away. (If not serious, click tick to clear all)

Once done, press Clean up system files and wait for a while (approximately 5 - 30 minutes according to the file size to be deleted). The system will clean Cache Files for you easily and quickly. That's it. Your Windows storage drive will be a lot more open. You can use the same method for drives other than Windows, but can only see the Recycle Bin.

2. Deleting files in the Temp folder

Junk files are files that are not being used. Or files that are no longer used These files may occur automatically. From the work of Windows Is a file that is caused by using hard disk space. For temporary processing (Cookie Temp) and the other caused by the use of the internet Or may occur when installing the program And also including files that we delete in the trash (Recycle Bin)

Actually, there's no need to delete it. But if left, it will cause the empty hard disk clutter because these junk files are useless. Even longer, it will fill the friends' hard drive. When we stop using the computer That junk file doesn't disappear. But will be in the area where the system is arranged, the longer the more and more, it will cause the machine to run slower So let's delete easily.* Administrator recommends deleting every 15 days or every month is good

Temp folder, which is a simulation area that various programs create as temporary files

Was kept inC:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Setting\temp
By going to Start---> run---> Type command %Temp% Then press Ok หรือ Enter A new window will appear.
Delete all the files that appear, which are unnecessary files, without any damage to the device by the normal Delete command.

Or go to the menu Edit And choose Select All To select all filesPress the button Shift + Delete To permanently delete junk files Press Yes To confirm If cannot deletePress SKIP To go because some files may still be in use Remove it later when turning on the device again
Or we can find a program Delete junk files from general free download websites. (Be careful of viruses, find websites that trust the page)

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