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5 things to think carefully before opening Office for the first time

5 things to think carefully before opening Office for the first time

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When your business is in an expansion period, get stable income and profits but don't have Office yet.Primary Open planning Office Coming up is one of the long-term business plans that needs to be considered. Office Aside from helping your customers gain confidence And building credibility Also helps to create a good image for the organization and5 The following items will help decide the opening. Office your

1.How much is our budget??

Opening Office จThere is a need to pay. Whether you rent a building to use as an office Or monopolized Must calculate and evaluate all statements that need to be used By referring to the operating results received in each month Which if you find an area that is not very expensive to rent It will help you to save money. And use the difference to pay for other expenses such as water, electricity, furniture Office equipment etc.

2.What options do we have??

When you can manage Budget sufficient expenditures for renting or buying an office Next, consider the needs And the long-term value of your company By comparing between Choosing to rent space directly with the owner of the property. Or choose to buy Office To be my own

3.Which place is suitable for our business??

Aside from finding a place to use as an OfficeYours at a worthwhile price And sufficient for the budget The location of Office You must be in a convenient location for traveling. There are facilities. Have a good atmosphere and environment Including safety from the surrounding area And if you have faith in feng shui Can also be used in the decision to select an appropriate location as well

4.How much space does our business need??

One of the mistakes business owners didn't consider when opening Office.Is the lack of actual space calculation in Office Which has a huge effect on the budget For example, if you rent an area that is larger than necessary Will cause you to lose wasted revenue for unused space Therefore, renting or buying Office Don't forget to calculate the floor according to the number of employees and the actual use area. Will help reduce the budget a lot

5.Is there evidence or not?

Although there is a sufficient budget to buy or rent Office Depending on the property owners Often need proof To build confidence during the rental contract of your company Therefore, you must prepare financial evidence ready, such as Statement From the bank to prove and show that your company Financial readiness is available for monthly rent payments until the contract is completed.

Finally, for entrepreneurs who are about to open Office Stay, don't forget to bring both. 5 Things to use as information in deciding to open Office Well, if looking at that it is not worth it Or still not having enough budget Company registration Or shop online Is considered an interesting option And build credibility as well


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