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What is a router?

What is a router?


Router A router is a device that connects to a network. If the interpretation of the word Route is the road, so connecting a computer with a router allows us to connect more than one computer at the same time. The router will have software used to control the operation called Internetwork Operating System. (IOS) and the router will have a port used to connect the cable called Port LAN, which generally has 4 Ports or more in 1 Router

The main function of a router The main function of a router is to find the best path for data transmission. And is an intermediary for forwarding data to other networks. The router can connect to networks using different types of media, whether Ethernet, Token Rink or FDDI, although each system has a picture packet Their own style which is different

The protocol that works at the top level or Layer 3 or higher, such as IP, IPX or AppleTalk. When sending data, it will pack that data in the form of Layer 2, namely Data Link Layer. When the router receives the data, it will check. In the packet to know which protocol to use After that, it will examine the data transmission path from the Routing Table to which network to send to this destination. And then pack the data into the correct Data Link Layer Packet again To forward to the destination network

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