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10 easy ways to prevent viruses by yourself

10 easy ways to prevent viruses by yourself


A virus is a program that has the ability to copy itself into a computer system, and if possible, can infiltrate other computer systems, which may be caused by using an infected disk from one device. Another machine Or maybe through a network or a data communication system, the virus may also spread.

Any computer infected with a virus means that the virus has successfully entered the computer memory. Because the virus is just a program, the virus will enter In memory that has to be activated, it depends on the type of virus. Each user is usually unaware that the virus has been woken up.

The purpose of each virus depends on the author of the virus program. For example, it may create a virus to destroy the program or other data on the computer or display messages running around the screen.

Believe that no one would definitely want to get involved Because it often comes with damage to the computer system We should protect against viruses. Therefore, Antivirus is created to protect your friends' computers. From those viruses If we know how to prevent or avoid the possibility of being infected with a virus Will reduce the risk of we encounter a virus Therefore, today the team will recommend 10 steps to prevent viruses by themselves.

How to avoid and prevent computer viruses

1. Download or install trustworthy software from the correct source. Do not load from suspicious or dark websites.

2. Set up the protection system to work as soon as the computer is turned on

3. Regularly update virus database in protection program every day

4. Do not set the email program to open attachments automatically after opening the email.

5. Scan the virus every time Flash Drive, DVD or even External Harddisk is plugged in every time.

6. When installing the program, we should read every page. Because some programs may be attached to install Adware always

7. Scan emails or scan files received from emails or even Line to prevent infection.

8. Reliable internet connection And remember that free public internet is always at risk

9. Do not visit sensitive websites, such as free websites, free programs, and various casino websites, as these websites often contain viruses or Trojans.

10. Be careful of websites that cover multiple links. Because these link cover websites may cause your friends to get infected from the link cover websites


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