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Social Activities

Social Activities

     SIAM NETWORK & COMPUTER is very happy and honoured to deliver SMART NETCOM system to Wat Khao Neeb school in Sala sub-district, City district, Lop Buri.
We are aware of the computer shortage issues of the school due to the insufficient funds for computer equipment. We thank all the people involved including Wat Khao Neeb school This is another one of the projects that SIAM NETWORK & COMPUTER has been working on under the name SMART NETCOM : The best knowledge is to give.


Elderly people, bed-bound patients It's another group of people who need help. In difficult times like this, Grandma is 99 years old, but still very healthy. You can sit and eat comfortably. Grandpa Grandma is very happy that someone came to help me during difficult times


          With the Covid-19 situation, everyone of all ages and occupations are affected. Difficult together both. But there is a group of people who are many times more difficult than normal people. The workplace was closed. Do not know how to make money from also do not know what to touch. When are you exposed to germs, which is a visually impaired chiropractor? But one thing that our team can feel from him is a heart that does not surrender to obstacles. Thank you for making us feel how to sharing. Thank you for making us stronger and stronger. Thank you for volunteering. To help both donate food items help cook and bring things to Visually impaired masseuse

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