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How is M.2 (SSD) better than HDD?

How is M.2 (SSD) better than HDD?

Many of you have heard about m.2, or what kind of SSD it has been redesigned and use the new connection model with the connection of m.2. It is several times more prominent than other Sata models, and is stronger than the SSD received, but still smaller than ever before. It is a HDD or magnetic disk, which is still in use today. Malongy Compared to see that the M.2 and HDD have advantages and disadvantages.

From before, computers used to be HDDs or magnetic discs. Today, they are still in use. Let's compare and see if M.2 and HDD have advantages and disadvantages.






Small, compact, lightweight



Higher speed

Low speed


High capacity

High capacity




Data recovery

Recovering hard-to-reach data

Data can be recovered


More expensive than an HDDAnd SSD



Shockproof, not broken, durable

Do not impact


The main feature of the m.2 is the connection that uses the path or lens of the 4x PCI-E itself, resulting in a higher data transfer rate than the Sata connection, as seen today, the SSD is fully run. The speed of the connection port is approximately 550 Mb / s, but the m.2 can support the speed over 2000 Mb / s.

Ending up with a M.2 SSD VS HDD computer, the M2.SSD can be seen as being faster, in all respects, and in real-time usage, which is very effective, as some people say it is expensive to buy. But why is it still slow? Adding RAM does not seem to be stronger. In fact, it is in the storage, then why the computer must use m.2, of course, because if the current system, if to put in an SSD, we have to remove the HDD and if going to use an SSD with a very high price. It will be very expensive as well, but m.2 came out to answer the use because we do not need to remove the old HDD, but we can plug in more m.2 (If the notebook has a connection port) and another drive that is a HDD, we can store data or programs. Just as this, your computer will be fast, fast, load data, have a lot of capacity. I must say that the following. If you are buying a computer, whether a desktop computer or a notebook computer, you should choose a machine with a m.2 slot for convenience and easier upgrades. For anyone who has not tried SSDs or m.2 today, SNC recommends updating and switching to know which is better than adding RAM. Because some people think that adding more RAM is stronger But if you don't use the additional RAM

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